I am Principal Economist of the Innovation and Digital Economy unit at the Bank for International Settlements (see BIS profile here). I am also a CEPR and CESifo research Fellow and president of the Central Bank Research Association.
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Slides on CBDC design & polling results from the M.A.S. CBDC Masterclass

The economics of Distributed Ledger Technology” – on Dec 2, 13.00-13.45 London time, I delivered the Keynote at the P2P Financial Systems conference and presenting new work with Hyun Shin and Cyril Monnet. Program and registration link.

Presentation “CBDC Around the World”, 18th Caijin Annual Conference, 25.11.2020

Keynote at the University of Bern CBDC Research Forum, 18.11.2020

Forthcoming in the American Economic Review: Exchange Rates and Prices: Evidence from the 2015 Swiss Franc Appreciation (joint work with Ariel Burstein and Sarah Lein).

Stablecoins: risks, potential and regulation w. Douglas Arner and Jon Frost, BIS WP 905, November 2020 

CBDC architectures, the financial system, and the central bank of the future – w. Rainer Böhme, VoxEU.org column, 28.10.2020

See more research and presentations as well as some policy columns on VoxEU.


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