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Keynote – “Rise of the CBDC” CBDC Research Forum Bern

I presented BIS WP 880 at the CBDC Research Forum Bern. Many thanks to the organizers Susan Emmenegger, Mirjam Eggen, Christian Sillaber, Cyril Monnet, and Dirk Niepelt. The program included some very nice papers: Project Helvetia: Settling Tokenised Assets in Central Bank Money – Nino Landerer (Swiss National Bank) A model of central bank digital […]

(Chinese) CBDC around the world – Presentation at 18th Caijin Annual Confernece

On 25.11.2020, I presented my BIS work in a plenary on “Digital Currency: From Concept to Reality”, alongside: LI Lihui, Leader of Blockchain Research Working Group, NationalInternet Finance Association of China; Former President, Bank of ChinaCAI Weide, Distinguished Professor of National “One Thousand PeoplePlan”, Beihang University; Chair Professor, CKGSBLIU Xiaochun, Vice President, Shanghai Finance Institute; […]